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Toys for Kids are cool! While thinking about regenerative design it is easy to get facinated with toys. Especially construction kits, sandboxes, lego etc. made to express and develope imagination. Those have to be somehow regenerative. So it is possible for them to grow with their owners. So much to learn from them and from thinking about taking them to the next level.

Your invited to play! Reflect. Send us pictures, examples, experiments, use-cases, concepts. Let’s get inspired.

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Kinderspielzeug ist cool. Denkt man über regeneratives Design nach, ist es nicht schwer, eine Faszination für Kinderspielzeug zu entwickeln. Besonders für Baukästen aus Metall, Holz oder Plaste aber auch Sandkästen usw. Sie sind gemacht, um Phantasie auszudrücken und zu entwickeln. Und sie müssen regenerativ sein, um mit ihren Besitzern „zu wachsen“. Viel kann man von ihnen lernen und vom Nachdenken darüber, wie sie sich weiterentwickeln können.

Ihr seid eingeladen, zu spielen! Sendet uns Bilder, Beispiele, Experimente, Nutzungsszenarien, Konzepte etc. Let’s get inspired!

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OWi – regenerative Logos

OWi steel 7

OWi Steel invrsOWi Logo Metal 1

metal-construction kits  +

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stones; city is a playground  +

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beach – sandbox  +

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chalk – OWi posters for bb7  +

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Regenerative Open Structures

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Regenerative Open Structures (en)


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How to build a regenerative, cradle to cradle, waste-free world? Everything needs to be desgined eceoffective: in a way that is can easily be reused or recycled 100%. A dream also dreamed by OWi.

I am inspired and fascinated by toys for kids for a while now. Construction-kits to build always new things. Constant assembly and dissasembly. Bricks stay the same but worlds change.

For the goal of a regenerative world this is of course a great thing to look at. Yes, how about an easy to use, reuse and recycle kit of widely spreaded metal parts as a basis for real products or at least their skeletal structures?! The parts just need to have a high quality that makes them long-lasting and possible to remelt into new parts of the same quality. With a set of standard-parts we could manage a lot. Everything would need to be be openly arranged: Openness would bet he key to that. If you buy a wasching machine, a dryer, a toaster etc. you know what is inside and that you can easily reuse or resell it.
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