27 Mrz

Regenerative Open Structures

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How to build a regenerative, cradle to cradle, waste-free world? Everything needs to be desgined eceoffective: in a way that is can easily be reused or recycled 100%. A dream also dreamed by OWi.

I am inspired and fascinated by toys for kids for a while now. Construction-kits to build always new things. Constant assembly and dissasembly. Bricks stay the same but worlds change.

For the goal of a regenerative world this is of course a great thing to look at. Yes, how about an easy to use, reuse and recycle kit of widely spreaded metal parts as a basis for real products or at least their skeletal structures?! The parts just need to have a high quality that makes them long-lasting and possible to remelt into new parts of the same quality. With a set of standard-parts we could manage a lot. Everything would need to be be openly arranged: Openness would bet he key to that. If you buy a wasching machine, a dryer, a toaster etc. you know what is inside and that you can easily reuse or resell it.
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