17 Dez

Open Source Circular Economy Days

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OWi is part of the organisation of the Open Source Circular Economy Days 2015. For that Lars Zimmermann and Sam Muirhead wrote a Mission Statement about Open Souce Circular Economy which is very worth to share here:

Open Source Circuar Economy – Mission Statement

Written by Lars Zimmermann & Sam Muirhead

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16 Mai

Current Status*

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Building, developing and understanding some infrastructure needed for an open ecological economy.

We are focussing right now on sub-projects like the Open It Agency, the IPO Tables, Baubus & Dates. Those projects need to be developed before we go back to the mainframe. So if you like to support an open ecological economy or OWi consider to get engaged with those projects or just get in touch.

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More OWi – (history & future)

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Wir bauen, entwickeln und erforschen Infrastrukturen für eine offene ökologische Wirtschaft.

Wir konzentrieren uns gerade auf Projekte, die aus OWi hervorgegangen sind wie die Open It Agency, Baubus, die IPO Tables & Dates. Diese Projekte sollen Grundlagen für die Zukunft und Grundlagen von OWi entwickeln. Wenn Du/Sie eine Open Source Ökologische Produktion und Wirtschaft unterstützen wollen, dann einfach zu einem dieser Projekte beitragen oder ganz allegemein einfach mal Kontakt aufnehmen.

Mehr OWi (Geschichte und Zukunft.)

11 Apr

Open Structures Project

Open Structures Screenshot 2

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Open Structures, Lukas Wegwerth

The Open Structures Project is just a great way for open regenerative designing and a real discovery for OWi. It is just a question of picking the right material there. Check it out, it is pretty self-explanatory.

As the berlin based designer Lukas Wegwerth who works really close with the project told us, the project has a bright future.

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10 Apr


OWi TOYS BANNER 6english, deutsch

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Toys for Kids are cool! While thinking about regenerative design it is easy to get facinated with toys. Especially construction kits, sandboxes, lego etc. made to express and develope imagination. Those have to be somehow regenerative. So it is possible for them to grow with their owners. So much to learn from them and from thinking about taking them to the next level.

Your invited to play! Reflect. Send us pictures, examples, experiments, use-cases, concepts. Let’s get inspired.

Click on the tag „OWi TOYS PROJECT“ to see more; Scroll down the page to see a collection of images.

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Kinderspielzeug ist cool. Denkt man über regeneratives Design nach, ist es nicht schwer, eine Faszination für Kinderspielzeug zu entwickeln. Besonders für Baukästen aus Metall, Holz oder Plaste aber auch Sandkästen usw. Sie sind gemacht, um Phantasie auszudrücken und zu entwickeln. Und sie müssen regenerativ sein, um mit ihren Besitzern „zu wachsen“. Viel kann man von ihnen lernen und vom Nachdenken darüber, wie sie sich weiterentwickeln können.

Ihr seid eingeladen, zu spielen! Sendet uns Bilder, Beispiele, Experimente, Nutzungsszenarien, Konzepte etc. Let’s get inspired!

Auf den „OWi TOYS PROJECT“-Tag klicken für Postings. Die Seite runterscrollen, um eine kurze Sammlung von Bildern zu sehen.

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OWi – regenerative Logos

OWi steel 7

OWi Steel invrsOWi Logo Metal 1

metal-construction kits  +

OWi Hama 3OWi HamaOWi Hama 2

hama perls (unpressed)  +

IMAG2765   IMAG2763

stones; city is a playground  +

OWi Heros

 wood construction  +


beach – sandbox  +

Kreide Poster d     Kreide-Poster c

chalk – OWi posters for bb7  +

Pics by LZ, cc-by-sa

27 Mrz

Regenerative Open Structures

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(Repost von blogLZ)


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Regenerative Open Structures (en)


Das Blogpost gibt es auch auf deutsch

How to build a regenerative, cradle to cradle, waste-free world? Everything needs to be desgined eceoffective: in a way that is can easily be reused or recycled 100%. A dream also dreamed by OWi.

I am inspired and fascinated by toys for kids for a while now. Construction-kits to build always new things. Constant assembly and dissasembly. Bricks stay the same but worlds change.

For the goal of a regenerative world this is of course a great thing to look at. Yes, how about an easy to use, reuse and recycle kit of widely spreaded metal parts as a basis for real products or at least their skeletal structures?! The parts just need to have a high quality that makes them long-lasting and possible to remelt into new parts of the same quality. With a set of standard-parts we could manage a lot. Everything would need to be be openly arranged: Openness would bet he key to that. If you buy a wasching machine, a dryer, a toaster etc. you know what is inside and that you can easily reuse or resell it.
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25 Mrz

Open It Agency founded

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Open It Agency Logo

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Yeah, Jenni Ottilie Keppler, Sam Muirhead and Lars Zimmermann founded in berlin the Open It Agency. An agency with the goal „to help businesses and communitys go open source“. The agency has strong ties to the OWi-Project and so it is now an agency for „open source for closing material cycles“ too. The foundation of the Open It Agency is a direct outcome of the OPENiT Festival. Visit the Open It Agency website and follow their news streams.


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24 Mrz

Open Source Hardware DOCU-SYS Project

Update: IPO Tables

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17 Tetriskurzbild KopieDocumentation is one of the big obstacles for open source hardware. There is a lack of all sorts of software and systems. Years of research for all of us ahead. And OWi can add some value here!

I want to contribute to this reasearch with an own project. I am thinking about developing a hardware documentation approach that has ecological connectivity and the question for regenerative design deeply build in. The input-output-system used used also in the OWi-Certificate-project 2009 is a very promising starting point not just for regenerative hardware but for hardware at all.

I would love to start this project as soon as possible. But there are a lot of other things on my desk and without any support or partners there is the chance, that this project goes all to slow. Finding someone to create this project with would help a lot and put wheels in motion much faster. So pelase get in touch if you are interessted. Lars

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23 Mrz

TrenntMagazin schreibt über OWi

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„Open Source for an Ecologcial-Recycling-Economy“ – this is something you can read about now on paper (autumn 2013). The TrenntMagazin writes about OWi (in german) and puts Lars on the cover, page 22.

Trenntwende LZ

/* deutsch */

“Open Source für Kreislaufwirtschaften!“ Das kann man jetzt auch auf Papier nachlesen (Herbst 2013).  Das TrenntMagazin Nr. 6 schreibt über OWi und setzt Lars aufs Cover (S.22). Im Heft werden außerdem weitere interessante Kreislaufideen beschrieben.

22 Mrz

OPENiT Festival

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OPENiT Header_byJennieOttilieKeppler

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In September 2013 we made the OPENiT Festival in Berlin. A guerilla and city hacking festival to promote and experiment open source culture and gain a network for open source and OWi. A lot of interessting things happened. Check out the beautiful documentation. OPENiT.CC.


Poster Front & Back by Jenni Ottilie Keppler, CC-BY-SA

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21 Mrz

OWi Poster – Open ecoeffective design

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The OWi Poster was an experiment from Lars Zimmermann and Michaela Muchina. Printing a poster on biodegradable paper with biodegradable DIY bioplastics. The project is on pause. But you can still visit the abandoned Wikipage. And maybe you like to move it further?

/* deutsch */

OWi Poster Text-Sketch


Das OWi Poster war ein Experiment von Lars Zimmermann und Michaela Muchina. Ein bioabbaubares Poster aus bioabbaubarem Papier bedruckt mit selbstgemachter Bioplaste. Das Projekt pausiert. Aber auf der alten und nicht besonders umfangreichen Wiki-Seite gibt es noch Informationen. Vielleicht möchte jemand das Projekt weiterentwickeln.

Das verwendete Bioplaste-Rezept:

•    700ml Wasser
•    150ml Maisstärke
•    100ml Essig
•    50ml Glycerin

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20 Mrz

Solar Sinter – melts sand to glas

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Ok. This is not OS. But the idea is simple and pretty convincing: Melt sand into glas-objects just with solar engery and without any chemicals. Glas can return to sand of course with the time. A project by Markus Kayser. Thanx.

/* deutsch */

Ok. Das ist kein Open Source Projekt. Aber die die Idee ist einfach und überzeugend: Mit Sonnenergie und ohne irgendwelche weiteren Chemikalien einfach Sand zu Glasobjekten schmelzen. Das Glas kann natürlich im Laufe der Zeit wieder zu Sand werden. Ein Projekt von Markus Kayser. Danke

19 Mrz


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Irrigation System, unsovled project

Sven Benthin has developed a smart irrigation system called SÖREN that works almost alone and has also interessting effects on city-climate. And SÖREN is Open Source. You can download the building plans (also in english) here or directly by clicking this link.

Right now Sven is working mostly with recycled material but he is searching for a way to make the containers and couplers regenerative. And he is searching for people to help him.

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17 Mrz

TADA! OWi is New!

OWi Logo 133

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Tada! OWi is now a wordpress. The project is restructured, lost a lot of dead weight and is now ready for a fresh start. A lot of lessons was learned and are now implemented here. Juchai. Phase 3. New concept, same idea – that is hard to push! Join. :-)

/* deutsch */

Tada! OWi ist jetzt eine WordPress-Seite. Das Projekt ist neu strukturiert und hat eine Menge alten Balast zurückgelassen. Viele Lektionen sind gelernt worden und fließen hier ein. Juchai! Phase 3. Neues Konzept, alte Idee – die nicht einfach vorwärts zu bewegen ist. Macht mit. :-)


Ps. The Old Page is still up